Richards DC powered server

I created this page to document and inform anyone that is curious how to do such thing. Here is my power setup that was powering my personal server:

Building this power system was fairly easily, considering I had all of the parts hanging around the house. The system consists of:
20 Amp Astron power supply I was using on my ham radio, someday I want to replace this with a pyramid power supply so I can get my repeater back online.
4 X 7 AH batteries, these batts came out of a APC UPS unit, the batts failed the test and needed to be replaced, but they still had some juice in them, so I put them back into service.
150 Watt inverter, this is just a simple inverter I think I bought it from K-mart years ago to power my laptop in the car.

All of this is coupled together powers my little dell server with no problems.

My little setup here actually is not a true DC power system, since I take 110 volts AC and go to DC, and then invert it back to AC. Technically this setup is an online active UPS system. Someday I want to buy one of these:
PicoPSU DC-DC atx power supply
Then I can get rid of the inverter and reduce the amount of overall parts of the system, and thus make it more reliable.