Richards Dodge Cummins Diesel

My 1992 Dodge Cummins diesel, aka "The Beast". I love this truck, its the first 4X4, the first diesel, and the first full size truck I have ever owned. I only have one complaint, it burns alot of diesel (20.5 MPG average highway) and diesel got expensive shortly after we bought it!
I finally got this pickup painted!

UPDATE 12/27/08
Walla Walla got hit with records amount of snow this year, Lori and I are so glad we purchased this 4X4 truck. We had this truck chained up all the way around, and it was the only way we could get down our city street.

I bought this truck from a girl in Richland who named it Rosie and used it to pull a horse trailer for the last 10+ years. Its seen a little abuse but not too bad for its age.
I got this truck primarily to pull my DJ trailer, its an 5X8 fully enclosed trailer. Fully loaded, it weighs about 2000 pounds, its a bit much for my little Nissan pickup. Granted the Nissan will pull it, but going up hills at 30 MPH ... well ... you get the picture. The Dodge pulls it without any problems and has the breaking power to stop it too!

The engine in this truck is a CUMMINS and runs great! This is the number reason I chose this truck, the engine. I love this engine, its a Turbo Charged, intercooled diesel. Currently the engine is running stock, no mods done to anything, its a stock truck, but that will change. I hope to beef up the tires on it with mud terrains, put some smoke stacks up behind the cab, add a head ache rack, a couple other additions. Those will have to wait as I save up money to add them.
I actually am not much of a Dodge fan, nor a Ford fan, nor a Chevy fan. If anything I am a fan of imports, simply because I have had alot less trouble with those rigs and get alot more miles out of those rigs.
I bought this domestic Dodge ram simply because I wanted a full size truck and don't plan to put alot of miles on this truck. Its kind of a toy for me to play with in my spare time and every now and then I have to get away from computer technology.

When I first purchased this truck, she had alot of things wrong with her. Door panel was falling off, windshield had a giant crack, parking brake didn't work, tailgate didn't work, paint was falling off, it wasn't in prestine condition. Slowly, one item at a time I have been fixing them and getting it all in back in shape and fully functional.

For the most part, this truck sits parked in my back yard. An occassional trip to Home Depot and a monthly gig is about is all it gets used. The biggest reason for this is because of the recent costs of diesel, and these 3/4 ton Dodges do not ride smooth unloaded!

This truck weighs in at 6,340 pounds with a full tank of fuel
After driving the truck hard (Cheney - Walla Walla) for 166.5 miles and a small load (700 lbs), I burned 8.47 gallons of fuel, 19.64 MPG

When not pulling the DJ trailer, this truck hauls us to off road adventures on the motorcycles

Sometimes, Lori will drive on longer trips

Thats right, my wife will drive the 150 HP, 400 lb of Torque, stick shift Dodge Cummins Diesel

Change your fuel filter!

My truck is a late 1992 model, its got the mechanical fuel pump and one of the first ones to have the intercooler. After owning this truck for several years, I have slowly fixed almost every problem it had. Including the passenger door (It wouldn't open), the air conditioning, brake lights, backup lights, odometer, a U-Joint, and the parking brake. Also I added some Cummins stickers to the back window and added steps so its easier to get in the cab.
I had to replace one of the front U-Joints, it had gone bad and I replaced it with one that has a grease zert. I hope to replace the other side someday also.
I still need to fix the cruise control, its got a problem I haven't been able to figure out yet.

I frequent this Cummins forum, there are several very knowedgeable people on the forum that have alot more wrenching experience then myself.

On average, this truck gets 15 MPG loaded, pulling my DJ trailer or with the truck camper on it. And about 20 MPG unloaded. The highest MPG I have ever got is 22 MPG and the worst I have ever got was 14 MPG. I now carry four 5 gallon buckets full of sand in the bed of the pickup in addition to the tool box to make it ride smoother while unloaded.

I run Rotella 10W-30 motor oil it, and the engine holds almost exactly 3.5 gallons of oil.
I change the oil filter every time and the fuel filter every other oil change. The filter numbers from Napa are:
Oil FIL 1607-$10.88
Fuel FIL 3379-$18.44

In the cold, this truck will start. Its never failed to start on me, although if its below freezing it is pretty sluggish. My rule of thumb is if its below freezing, I plug in the block heater. I put it on a timer so the block heater fires up about 2:00 AM so when I go to work in the morning at 7:00 AM, the block is warm and toasty.
Even with the block heater, the truck is sluggish in the cold. After running for about 15 minutes it runs alot better.

The truck weighs in about 5,000 pounds unloaded

The engine burns about .5 gallons per hour at idle

With the exception of some small fixes, all of them accomplished with a typical mechanics tool set this truck has worked well for me. Occassionally I fire it up just to hear the diesel engine crackle (It makes me smile everytime)

On 8/17/2013 I replaced the transmission on this truck