I have a Homelite Model 5hcps.0254af, 25 cc trimmer and didn't find much on the internet about these trimmers and thought I should write up this page. I tried to put this info on a home depot review but they rejected it (Probably because I mentioned other brand names)

I purchased this trimmer in 2005 when my wife and I purchased our home and we needed to take care of the lawn. I wanted a gas trimmer that I didn't have to worry about a power cord.

I went to my local home depot and purchased this trimmer, I didn't want to spend too much and my fathers old Homelite has served him very well, so I thought this was a good choice.

The first five years or so, the trimmer ran OK. It always liked the choke partially on and it would never rev all the way up, but it worked so I didn't worry much about it. After about 6 years of ownership, it would barely keep running and the fuel diaphragm had cracked. The local Home Depot sold a primer bulb and fuel line kit that I used the primer bulb out of got it up and running again.

About a year later, suddenly it started leaking a lot of fuel and difficult to keep it running. After a brief investigation, I found the fuel lines in the gas tank were completely shot and the carb kept sucking air. I used the parts from the fuel line kit and replaced the fuel lines.

About two years later, it started having trouble running good. I again put a new fuel primer and fuel lines, but that did not seem to help. The fuel mixture screws have red and white plastic "limiters" or "protectors" that only allow you to turn the adjustment screws about a 1/2 turn. After owning this trimmer for 9 years and I did a compression test on it and it showed 135 PSI, so I decided its time to see if I can adjust the mixture. A pair of players easily removed the limiters and then I turned the screws out about 1.5 turns and vola! It will now run with no choke!

So, overall, its not bad for just over $100 trimmer that lasted 9 years. If I had to do it over again, I would reccomend going with a name brand with local dealer support. In my case, it would be a Stihl. Go with a low end commercial model.