This is a Honda E1500 Generator that through a rod that I got off of Craigslist. I was only interested in the generator and rigged it up to my Lifan GX200 clone motor. I bolted it up and fired it up.

Now I just need to get a differn't pulley for it so my Engine does not run as fast.

I got a 6" pulley mounted and had to get a longer belt

so now the engine runs 2400 RPM to get exactly 60 hz output. This seems to work better, the engine doesn't struggle to keep the RPM's up, its quieter, and at 2400 RPM it seems to have plenty of power.

UPDATE 11/2012
I have logged roughly 40 hours on this genset without any major problems. A couple minor things, the belt was kind of noisy because I had it set too tight. Also, the genset will not take a big load, it will easily kill the engine before tripping the breaker.
Otherwise, the genset has ran great. I have used it at a couple of weddings, as long as I have 200 feet of extension cord, you cannot hear it at the ceremony.
The genset came in handy when I built my shed. When I was building it at night, I needed to run lights so I could see, problem was I could not run lights and the power tools. So the generated was helpfull to run the lights and I ran the power tools of the one outlet from the house.

I still swap this engine back and forth between the genset and my rototiller, as needed.