After my wife and I lived in our house for eight years, we decided we really wanted a dish washer. To install a dish washer, we had to modify some cabinets. There was not an easy way to do this, and we have never really liked the look of the old cabinets. So we decided to totally demo the entire kitchen and replace almost everything.
We demoed all of the old cabinets, the sink, counter tops, and in order to change some plumbing and electrical we had to demo the wall. After demo we took two pickup loads to the dump (800 pounds total) When we did the demo on the cabinets near the sink, we discovered some very rotted out cabinets and it looks like the drain pipe had leaked at some point before we got the house and rotted out the bottoms of several of the cabinets.

We had to do some plumbing and electrical work, and then hang new drywall up and finally tape and mud the joints.

Next was hanging the cabinets, this went fairly quick, the only problems we had was locating the studs. After all the cabinets were hung and anchored, we started on the counter tops. We were told you cannot cut a counter top with a skill saw, we proved them otherwise, You can cut a laminate counter top with a skill saw, you just have to be really careful and not wiggle the saw at all when you cut it.We had to do make three cuts in the counter stop and overall it went pretty well.

We still have paint, tile, trim, and a little bit of electrical work to do. And the microwave still needs to be mounted. But we now have a working dish washer and a kitchen that looks a lot better.

Overall this project with much smoother then I had expected. The only complaint I had was dealing without a kitchen during the remodel. We had to go out to eat all weekend because we had no stove, microwave, sink to do dishes in, or anything.


The wall after demolition
Close up of our plumbing work, and the drain pipe we had to change a bit
Dryal wall is done
Our plumbing finished
The new wall with cabinets, counter top, dish washer, and we moved the fridge
The stove and cabinets