I decided I wanted to do some camping on my dirt bike this summer after reading several stories on advrider.com. After some googleing and research, I found out I could easily blow $700+ on cans and a rack for my KLR. After saying no thank you to that option, I found a couple guys that have used 22 mil. ammo cans. They still wanted $300+ for the rack, but having a brother as someone that knows how to weld and a local supplier of steel, we got to work.

It took more then two weekends worth of work to build, alot more then what I expected. Long story short, it takes alot longer to get the angles and everything correct so the mounting holes match up.


Here is the ammo can before Michael and I got started

I gave them a paint job using the same paint used on my bike, the ammo colored spray paint you get from Walmart.

It took a better part of a day to get these welded, drilled, and mounted.


I read several times that you have to have a rear mounted bracket, if you tip the bike over the rack cannot hold up the weight up the bike and will callapse into the rear tire. Taking that good advise Michael weled up a bracked to bolt on.

Almost finished up, gotta get the bolts tightened up.

Here is the finished product, two 20 Mil. Ammo cans mounted on the rear. Overall, the bike rides about the same. I did notice the bike is heavier, but not enough to slow me down. Its slightly more difficult to get on and off the the bike to the due to the bulkiness of the cans. But overall, I think they will work real well for camping trips.

I had to take the cans off, because they are huge and the bike will not fit between the cars and the house, and I had to get the rack painted so it won't rust. So currently the rack is not on the bike not untill the next camping trip.