So when I went to do the Tour of the Blues with a bunch of other adventure riders, I had engine trouble. The KLR was not putting out enough horse power to pull up hills faster then 30 MPH, so I cut out early and went home, and tore the bike apart.
After some quick tests, I found the bike was only generating 15 PSI of pressure in the cylinder, normally I should get a good 30-60 PSI on this bike. So I began taking the engine out and removing the cylinder and piston (Please note, you do NOT have to remove the engine to pull the cylinder)

Anyway, I found my piston and cylinder, was wore out, and needed a 2nd oversize piston/rings. I went to my local Kawasaki dealer and ordered the parts, long story short, 2 weeks later I find the parts are back ordered, so I hit up ebay and picked up a used Cylinder and piston for $200, same price as the parts I ordered from Stateline.

Finally, the parts showed up and I started assembling everything back together. After 2 days of work I had it all assembled back together and replaced several other parts that needed replaced, and FINALLY got my bike back on the road after 4 weeks of waiting for parts.

Here is is on its first test ride: