Lori and Richard headed to the Morrow County OHV Park July 15th - 17th, 2010

We have heard alot of great things about this park but never rode it. So we reserved a cabin, loaded the truck, and headed out. You can read all about it in our photo album here


Here is the GPS tracks from my GPS I had strapped to my motorcycle
I use Expert GPS 1.3.7

Overall, its a great place for ATV's and motorcycles. A majority of the trails are geared for ATV's. Also, there is A LOT of miles of trails, plan on spending a couple of days to ride it all. I only rode maybe, 1/3 of the trails in the park in our two days we spent at the park.

Its a very family oriented park and reccomend it if you are up for the drive (Its a bit curvy road up there)