Richards new page of his radios, repeaters, and ham radio stuff.

My old page is here

Ham Radio

I am a licensed ham, my call sign is KE7IOD and am on the local repeaters sometimes and during emergencies. The info on the local repeaters is here

My Radios

I own several radios, including:

Yaesu FT 530 portable (Old thing but a great radio)
Yaesu FT5100 Mobile - Currently mounted in the shack for emergencies
Motorola T7200 - I have 4 of these for talking on GMRS and on my GMRS repeater
A radio shack scanner - in the shack for keeping up with the locals
A uniden scanner for listening to whats up at work

GMRS Repeater

I have built a couple GMRS repeaters with varied success. You can read about them here
My most current GMRS repeater build is here
My GMRS call sign is WQTC540

Packet Radio

Recently, I have been getting into packet radio and APRS. You can read about it here