You may notice, I have RIDE HARD on alot of my pictures.

Well, I stole it from Cummins, they used the moto "Run Hard" and I simply modified it to "Ride Hard" and later "Work Hard, Play Hard, Ride Hard"

What does it mean?
I am a work-a-holic, and when I finally get some time to go out and play or ride, I make the best of it. Thus, "Ride Hard" Also, being a Work-a-holic, I work hard so when the weekend finally rolls around, there are no problems and I can ride hard.

Overall, I believe its an outlook on life, if I work hard, play hard, and ride hard, to make the best of life, I have accomplished my goal. I am the type you will never find slacking off and always doing my best. Lifes short, make the best of it.