During my winter maintenance routine, I noticed the TDM was not running right. It started, but would only run on one cylinder, was back fireing in the intake and out the exhaust. The weather warmed up, so I took it apart to investigate the cause.

I tried changing out some electrical parts, thinking it was spark related, didn't work. So I called my brother to come out and take a look at it with me, after a couple of hours, we figured out it was a fuel problem.

So I continued taking it apart. I got to the carbs and pulled them apart, they were pretty clean but I found cracks in the diaphragms. The cracks cause the diaphragms to leak vacum pressure and will not let the bike throttle up. I found three holes in one, and one hole in the other one. So I found some replacements on ebay and got them ordered, and waited.

Finally, the parts arrived from Ireland (Yes, owning a TDM means you have to look far for parts) and I got them installed.

It was REALLY cold for a couple days (Single digit numbers) so I waited untill it warmed up before installing them in the bike.

Finally, it warmed up to fourty something degrees, so I got busy. This is what the bike looked like

This is what the bike looks like stripped of the carbs, air box, gas tank, cowling, and the seat. Takes about an hour to strip it town to these parts.

The carbs are cleaned, assembled, tuned, and ready to roll

After getting the carbs and air box installed, I used my redneck gas tank (Funnel with some fuel hose) to fire it up and make certain its running right. Glad I did, because the idle needed adjusted. All the parts that are necessary to get the bike to run are installed.

Gas tank is installed along with new fuel lines

Finally, got everything back to gether, time for a test ride.

I took the TDM out for a spin, rode it for 8 miles, ran great. Got it fixed up, only took three weeks!