I worked too many hours over the weekend and the county does not allow overtime, so I had to take Friday off.

What to do ... the TDM hasn't been riden in a while and the weather is good, I geared up and headed out.

The goal was Umatilla Oregon, there is no gas stations along the way so I filled up in Walla Walla before heading out.

I stopped at port kelly to get a picture

And I heard the noise of two jets flying over

They were flying down the canyon, good to see I wasn't the only one out having fun

Going down the river was fairly un-eventfull. I fought the wind the entire way so I didn't get a chance to take any photos.

I finally arrived just out side of Umatilla and stopped by McNary beach

and finally arrived at the dam

I got gas and a snack and then geared up headed for Pendleton.

The freeway from Umatilla to Pendleton is long and straight and really boring. I amused myself taking a photo riding down the freeway. 50 miles of straight freeway ...

Finally I passed through Pendleton and headed to Arrowhead travel plaza to get gas and another snack

110 miles done, I decided to try heading up Deadman pass and see if I can get up and over to La-Grande, and then make the loop through Elgine and back up and over the mountains. Long story short, I got to the top, the temperature dropped probably 10 degrees and it was raining. Needless to say I got a photo and turned around and headed back down to the valley

I took the back road down the pass, very curvy

In this photo, behind the bike is the road but difficult to see in this photo. Its a very curvey road, lots of fun

Once I hit the valley I made the loop up the Umatilla river on the way home

Its another curvy road that follows the river.

I hit the end of the Umatilla river loop and finally headed home. When I got home I logged just over 200 miles for the day. Not bad at all!