The 1993 Yamaha TDM 850


Tri-cities - Last of the season

Lori and I got offered a deal we could not pass up on a Yamaha TDM 850. We have always had dirt bikes, this is the 1st road bike we have ever owned. Needless to say, within 100 miles we were hooked.

I even got Lori to take the big TDM for a spin

One thing I have learned, all motorcycles eventually break down and need some help to keep them going.
Wrenching on the TDM

Lori and I did dinner at Wildhorse one Friday afternoon after work

The TDM on the Columbia River at Port Kelly

Ride to Lower Monumental Dam

Took a day off of work and went for a ride

Ride to Starbuck

Loop ride throught Tollgate, Elgin, LaGrand, Mission, and Finally home


The TDM at a rest stop along the Wallowa River

And my speedomer broke!