Sunday morning, I got all the honey doo's done on Saturday, Lori was working on homework all day, the TDM had a full tank of gas, I geared up and headed out. No real destination in mind, just log some miles.

I geared up and headed out of town, headed north and ended up at Clyde

Clyde is an area with lots of straight and flat roads. I used to drive harvest truck during the summers in this area when I was going to college, so I know the area well.

From Clyde, I hopped onto Lower Monumental Road because I haven't been out that way in a long time and started riding. I didn't get any pictures because I was grinning with every turn (very curvy road) Finally the Dam and the snake river appeared over the last hill

I took a break and relaxed. I haven't seen a single car or person for the last sixty something miles. There wasn't a sole at the dam

After wandering around a bit, I geared up and headed out, throttling through every corner. This road is going down in my good of good rides, I just wish there was more at the end of it.

I got back to Clyde and headed west towards Sheffler and Jubilee and happen to see a train coming down the tracks, photo opportunity

I tried to get a photo with the TDM in front of the engines, my time was off, didn't work, oh well. I geared up and kept going down Rice road which turned into a very curvy gravel road, not fun with street tires!
I finally reached highway 124 and had 103 miles on the tank. I knew I had another 1.5 gallons of fuel, I get 40 MPG, and Walla Walla was another 60 miles, I decided to get gas in Touchet before heading home.
The ride home was fairly un-eventfull riding along highway 12.

Long story short, 180 miles and about 4.5 hours on the bike, great ride!