It was time to do the valves on the TDM, so I got busy.
I didn't know when the last time the valves were done on this bike, I have done valves so many times before I thought I can at least take it apart and check them. If they need adjusted, I can take it futher apart.

The TDM is not the easiest bike to do basic maintenance on. To replace the battery or air filter, you have to pull the cowling, seat, and gas tank. The TDM needed a new battery, air filter, oil filter, new oil, and a couple other odds and ends. So I figured lets do it all at once.

So, i got busy. I was able to dissassamble everything in about a 1/2 day. Pretty easy to do in my new shop. It was pouring rain outside when I did dissassembly.

After getting the valve covers off, I measured the valves and found all 10 of the valves were too tight by about .05 mm too tight. So I had to pull the cams to get the valve shims out and find out what shims I need to order. Again, dissassembly when fairly quickly and I had all 10 shims out.

Then I ordered the shims from, along with some other parts. New filters, gasket, oil valve cover gasket, battery, oil, and coolant. And then I waited almost two weeks for parts.

Finally, UPS dropped off my little box of parts so I could get started on re-assembly. Getting the valve shims and caps in were pretty easy.

All this work to replace these tiny little shims. Each of them are a differn't thickness, indicated by the number stamped on it. I put my leathermen next to them for scale. Spendy little buggers too ($5/each)

Timing this thing proved to be very difficult. I spent an afternoon trying to do it by myself and gave up. I ended up calling my brother to come help, its alot easier with two of us, one on each side of the bike, getting the engine set to TDC and the other adjusting the cams until we got it perfect.

Once the timing was set, getting the bike assembled with fairly smoothly. In one evening I was able to get the valve cover, radiator, thermostat, cooling fan, and all of the wiring installed.
At this point, I was able to fill it up with oil, coolant, and rig up a temporary gas tank. Give the engine a crank and it fired right up. Only one problem - when I drained the oil, some oil got on the exhaust pipes, causing lots of smoke when the exhaust pipes started warming up. Filled the shop with smoke!

And finally one more evening to get the tank, cowling, and seat back on.

There is the TDM, ready to go for another 3,000 miles with new oil, coolant, oil filter, air filter, valve cover gasket, battery, and fuel line. And the valves are now adjusted correctly according to the service manual.