On Fathers day, I it was a nice day and I decided to ride the TDM out to see my parents.

The TDM has been parked like this for the last two weeks, watching the XT go out for rides and it got left behind. Time to fire it up.

I got to my parents place, got some lunch, and then we decided to take a ride out to Starbuck

My Dad on his V-Star and me on the TDM

The ride to Starback was great, good roads, bikes ran great, and the weather was perfect

We stopped at the Rawhide (The new bar in starbuck) and got some sodas

And I found a famous dollar bill on the wall

My brother and his girl friends Dollar bill on the wall

We saddled up and headed to Little Goose Dam

All of the spill ways were open due to the spring run off

Then we headed over to Lions Ferry Marina

And learned they now have "Motorcycle Parking" and remodeled the place. Sure looks alot better then it used to two years ago.

The ride home was fairly un-event full, Lions Ferry Road is pretty straight. Just sit back and cruise through the wheat fields. The only problem was my MP3 player died half way home, sure enough the battery was dead, luckily I have spares in my toolkit.

I finally pulled in the driveway, and the TDM is covered in bugs.

146 mile ride!