My Dad and I wanted to get a trip in before the riding season is over. So we geared up and headed to Tri-cities for lunch

We checked the forecast, 40% chance of rain, and the doppler shows some big rain clouds coming. So we packed our rain gear and headed out.

The trip there was rather un-event full. Untill a couple of miles out of Tri-cities we started to get a couple drops of rain. By the time we got to Eatza Pizza, it was pouring

After lunch, we geared up for a wet ride home. My Dad, is always prepared and got his bag rain suit on.

20 miles later ... his rain gear was starting to fall apart

Needless to say, My dad is prepared 99% of the time. This is the 1% he was NOT

We made it home with out getting too wet. I got a couple pictures the last couple miles home