Here is our new Yamaha XT 350 for riding the dirt. I wanted something light weight, dirt oriented, street legal, and that wouldn't break the bank. After some research, I narrowed it down to the Suzuki DR 350 or Yamaha XT 350. I have always been a Yamaha fan so I went that route. After logging a couple hundred miles on the bike, I am happy to report its exactly what I was wanting. I can pick this bike up without a jack or hoist, it sits lower to the ground so I can reach the ground with both feet, and loves to play in the dirt.

Up the Walla Walla river about 1 mile

Having some fun

Up Butler Grade

Out by Umapine

Lori taking the XT out for a spin

Lori and I at her Moms house

Some proffessional photos taken by Diana Prince of Lori and I on our Yammi's

I finally got proper winter jacket, bibs, helmet, and gloves, and took the XT out for a spin in 33.6 degrees

12/23/10 - I went on a cold trip up Pikes

2/12/11 - Finally able to log some miles

Coming down Lincton Mountain Road from Tollgate

Loop ride from my house to Godman and Tucannon

March 3rd, 2012 I tried to get to Tollgate via Lincton Mountain Road, but it got too cold and I chickened out at the tree line.

Powerline up near Tollgate oregon

Engine oil sample from the XT350 on 2/24/2013

Engine oil sample from the XT350 on 6/14/2013

Engine oil sample from the XT350 on 10/27/2013